Family Friendly


Investing and moving to a new country with a family can be intimidating, but the island lifestyle is perfect for raising culturally diverse, happy, and healthy children. There are many different education options and with a better work-life balance mentality, more time is spent growing as a family. Children are exposed to the island lifestyle and grow up with a sense of universal acceptance and cultural awareness. There are many activities for children to participate in enhancing their overall psychological, cognitive, and physical development.  

There are many places to visit in the Dominican Republic as a family. From outdoor parks and activities to museums, there is never a shortage of fun for the whole family.  Each city and region has unique outdoor adventures as well as indoor activities for all ages.  

In Santo Domingo, for example, there is the Peképolis, a “kid city” packed with activities and events for children. Looking for a day in the park? Visit the Jardín Botánico and enjoy beautiful nature and colorful flowers. Summit Trampoline Park brings adrenaline packed indoor adventure for all ages. There are also cinemas and museums throughout Santo Domingo and the popular Aquarium with educational events and volunteer programs.  

Wherever you are, there is an abundance of fun for the entire family to have together. Look online, especially on sites like TripAdvisor, for recommendations and reviews in each region! 

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