Tips For Settling In


Every country is different, with its’ individual laws, rules, social norms, and cultures, and adjusting to a new country can be challenging.  Gain some insight by reaching out and connecting with like-minded individuals who have been through the process and learn what to expect during the initial adjustment period.  

Connect with other migrants. Hear their stories and learn from their experiences. Before you know it, you’ll be on the other end of the conversation helping someone new move to the Dominican Republic. Get involved with the community. The more integrated you become with the people around you, the quicker you’ll fall in love with the island lifestyle.  

A great way to get involved is by volunteering. Not only will you meet other volunteers, but you’ll gain an understanding of the culture of the Dominican Republic. Join an organization that gives back to the less fortunate, like Fundación De Valle, a nonprofit that helps children of all ages with special needs or living with HIV and AIDS. 

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