Job Market & Key Industries


The Dominican Republic’s economy has maintained a stable growth rate over the last five years with no indication of slowing down. Recognizing the steady, fast-paced growth of the country’s economy, many foreigners are choosing to invest and move for work opportunities. The increase of foreign investors has contributed to economic growth by creating new jobs in the Dominican Republic for locals and foreigners alike.    

The Dominican Republic has five major industries: tourism, agriculture, mining, real estate development, and free zone and local manufacturing. These key pillars have contributed to economic growth and are responsible for providing the majority of jobs across the nation. For more information on these primary industries, visit the Principal Investment Sectors tab.    

Tourism has become the leading source of employment in the Dominican Republic for foreigners and locals. Regardless of nationality or native language, there is a job for you in the tourism industry. Another popular job choice for foreigners is teaching a foreign language or teaching at international schools. As well as international schools, there are many international businesses headquartered in the Dominican Republic on the lookout for experts in specialized fields. While it may seem overwhelming finding a job, there are options available for foreigners moving to the country, and it’s just a matter of researching and networking to find the right job for you.  

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