Key Contacts for Investors

Investing in a foreign country requires a huge background investigation that can be time consuming and confusing. There are many phases to overcome, such as:

  • Create a general perspective of the market.
  • Define the business / investment goals.
  • Investigate and define opportunities.
  • Understand the financial system, banks, credits and taxation.
  • Create a company in a specific sector.
  • Find the right providers.
  • Create a financial viability
  • Review possible obstacles to growth, and plan a strategy with specific KPIs.
  • Review profitability
  • Investment in resources.
  • Understand labor laws and the possible strategy to save on costs.
  • Find a warehouse, an office, and a home.
  • Plan the settlement of the family, that is, find schools, housing, estimate daily expenses.
  • Create a marketing plan with the right partners.

And the list could continue almost indefinitely. We believe that to successfully face this process, you need to trust the right advisors and communicate with people from different industries. We recommend contacting government institutions, lawyers, accountants, and marketing consultants, in order to obtain a good perspective in all areas. Having external support for each aspect is very beneficial in the long run.

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In 2003, Law No. 98-03 was passed, merging the Dominican Center for the Promotion of Exports (CEDOPEX) and the Office for the Promotion of Foreign Direct Investments of the Dominican Republic (OPI-RD), creating the new Center for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic (CEIRD). The mission of the CEIRD is to promote exports and investments in the Dominican Republic internationally, and enhance its emerging competitiveness in international markets.

CEIRD prepares global business strategies that define opportunities for foreign investment in the Dominican Republic, encourages exports to international markets, and defines target markets. The CEIRD is a government institution that promotes the growth of the country’s economy through the acceleration of business agreements between local and international partners.

The National Statistics Office (ONE) was created in November 1935 to create national and housing population censuses, in periods of ten years. ONE collects, reviews, prepares and reviews national statistics on a series of key elements that provide economic, agricultural, industrial, financial, environmental and social activities of the population.

The ONE is responsible for the creation, distribution of censuses, national surveys, design and develop studies, produce statistics on economic, demographic, social, cultural and agricultural issues, updating the cartographic database. It is also responsible for correlating the National Statistical System by launching the National Statistical Plan. The ONE produces information that is essential for entrepreneurs and investors, since it provides trends and market studies.

The Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (ASONAHORES) represents several sectors within the tourism industry, both locally and internationally. In this way, it promotes the development of this basic economic pillar, and carries out a cohesion action between the government and the private sector.

It was founded in June 1962, and consists of a Board of Directors that defines the general policies and guidelines, and an Executive Committee that manages the general initiatives of the association.

Becoming a member has many benefits:

  • Access to the exclusive web platform for ASONAHORES members.
  • Direct contact with representatives of the decision making of affiliated companies.
  • Reception of digital bulletins with scoops on the tourist industry.
  • Dissemination of information about activities and news of the partner company, through the communication channels.
  • Assistance for the hiring of collaborators through the publication of vacancies in the job market of the website.
  • Participation in assemblies and meetings of ASONAHORES, with the right to choose and be elected.
  • Direct contact with national and international fraternal entities.
  • Exchanges with the National Fraternal Tourism Associations.
  • Advice on commercial legislation, labor, tourism, environment and other legislations.
  • Advice on legal and regulatory aspects that affect the hotel and gastronomic sector.
  • Right to participate in activities organized by ASONAHORES.
  • Participation in lectures and conferences of tourist and business interest.
  • Invitation to seminars, talks and congresses of the industry and general interest.
  • Right to be included in the printed promotional publications of the association.

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The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BRCD) is an independent government agency supervised by the Monetary Board. Founded in October 1947 by the legislative law nº 1529, the Central Bank is responsible for the regulation of all the financial systems of the Dominican Republic.

The role of the Central Bank is to guarantee “the stability of prices, the appropriate regulation of the financial system and the proper operation of payment systems, acting as issuer and executor of monetary exchange according to the duties conferred on this institution by the constitution And the law”.

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