Finding & Applying


Finding a job in the Dominican Republic can be challenging in the beginning because widely used websites for job searches aren’t used the same way as other first-world countries. Submitting your CV online doesn’t always bring leads because many companies aren’t posting opportunities online and don’t check job search databases. There is no harm in utilizing and attempting job searches online, but don’t feel at a loss if you don’t receive immediate responses. 

Finding work in the Dominican Republic is mostly referral and network-based. If you know someone in the country, reach out and see if they know of any openings. Check the newspapers. It may seem a bit outdated, but companies still advertise positions in the classified section in the Dominican Republic. 

Investigate companies and go right to the source. Email businesses and schools directly inquiring about opening positions. Connect with professionals working in the Dominican Republic on Linked-In. Job search in the DR requires out of the box thinking, networking, and putting yourself out there, but just because it takes effort certainly doesn’t mean it’s not doable or worth it.  

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